Majestic Revenue on Articles Shairing Sites for Newbies

There are many revenue sharing sites for the expert and few legitimate sites for the beginners. The popular revenue sharing site usually neglects the articles written by newbies. So, there is the always needs of the alternative site which can publish the article without any obstacle.

Why it is better to publish article instead of directly selling them?

This question might arise in the newbies. But in my experience, must of the article buying site are not lucrative than publishing site. Many article sharing site usually rejects the article without giving any specific reason for rejection. The article-buying site usually claims to accept any type of articles but in reality, they do not.

 The article rejection reason I used to encounter in the past are:

1. This seems like the translated content so we cannot accept it.

2. This seems like Wikipedia content we need the special client to accept this.

3. Your article does not match with our standard.

Are there targeted site for newbies?

Are there site especially targeting newbies? The answer is big Yes. I have compiled a couple of site for the revenue sharing that can actually pay. As due to massive competition in blogging it is difficult to get the visitors by simply putting interesting articles. Social media can drive tons of traffic in short period of time.

How to get more visitors

First, make the killer heading that is brief and concise. Make the world count of the heading around six words. This is claims to be effective in inducing traffic.

Social media sharing

This is vital for getting traffic to the site. Social media can brings tons of traffic to the site. Due to numerous numbers of social media, it is essential to specialize in chosen few. Being active on all platforms can be time-consuming and arduous work. The best social media to drive traffic are twitter, relevant Facebook group, Google plus, and the Interest.

Anyone using social media wisely can make the blogging profession lucrative.

Before indulging in the revenue sharing site it is essential to analyze the review publish online. If there is rife criticism on the site then it is not the best place to invest time.

Alexa rank is the vital part to consider. Alexa rank gives the adequate glimpse of the popularity of the site.

Some sites of newbies that pays.


This can be the great site for the newbies. There are no strict criteria for the submission of the article. One can submit the article as with the few lines with one forms of media attached to it. This can be good for beginners especially for honing the skills. The best part of the Niume is that you can get the feedback of the content, which can help to boost the skills.

The Alexa rank of the Niume is around seven thousand and is pretty good. It is the United Kingdom based site.  Although there are various issues with this site (1).


This can be the great option for newbies. It is the European site that operates from the France. Its Alexa rank is 40,000. 


This is claimed to be one of the best sites for newbies. This site uses the media net as the advertisement partner. Alexa rank of Literacy base is 460,000. 


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