Ways to Make Money Online From Nepal

The first requirement for making money online in Nepal is to open the international bank account. You do not need to worry about it because it does not require paying money and is an easy process. You can do every step mention here for free without any hindrance. You do not need to worry about investing any money. The things needed are just the Computer or smartphone with the Internet connection.

To open the bank account in the Payoneer  you need to sign up for the official site. Payoneer does not require any money to open the bank account. The opening of the Payoneer bank account is similar to that of opening the account in Nepali bank. It is easier than a Nepali bank as no deposited is required in the initial stage. Payoneer charges you $30 annually after completing the year. So, during an opening, you do not need to worry about it.

You need to provide the valid id for address verification like the Nepali bank often recommend. You can withdraw money from the master card in the Nepali ATM machine, which the pioneer charges $3 for service. If the payment is canceled they charge you $1. Payoneer has the capacity to send you $10000 per day. This seems the most lucrative option available in Nepal for anyone who wants to make money online.

PayPal account can be made by signing up on the site. There is no requirement of any money to open the account. Your Payoneer account serves the bridge for adding the master card. PayPalinitial cut $1 to provide you code in the bank statement and when the code is entered in PayPal then the money is refunded back. The Opening PayPal account is similar to opening any account on the Internet, as there is no requirement for any money.

Now you have the Master card and  Paypal account. You can now connect to the world with ease. Now I will briefly describe some easy ways to make online without any investment of any kind.

Pay To Click (PTC) sites

These sites accept the PayPal and another account. They pay on the basis of your viewing of the advertisement. Some of the legitimate sites are Clixsense, Innocurrent, Neobox and the list goes on. They pay you on the basis of the opening of the account, doing surveys, viewing the video, etc. The limitation with this site is that they allocate you limited sites to click per day. If you are the beginner, you can try this in an incognito window.

If you click them without using the Incognito window there might be lots of cookies and slows your computer. The beauty of the site is that anyone can get the ideas of chiasmic web design. Those sites, which require more, than $30 for minimum withdrawal, are the spam Pay to click sites. The payment is also slow because they pay $1 per 1000 clicks on the advertisement. As the beginner, you can try the sites mentioned above.

Writing a blog

This can be an easy option to make money online. BlogSpot owned by the Google and Adsense works really well. You can use the Word press as well, but as the beginner, I recommend the BlogSpot because they are relatively secure than other options. The Opening Gmail account automatically makes you eligible for the blog writing. You don’t need to worry about the traffic in the beginning slowly you will learn everything.

You can use the BlogSpot to host your own Doman as well this is a relatively easy process. You can also apply the media net advertisement to make the money. This could be good for earning money in dollars.

Making the website

You need to register for the Doman, which charge you around $12 per year. And you need to web hoster Bluehost is the cheapest alternative available. By making the payment your website get live in the word press. Do not worry about hiring the expert. There are templates available in order the make the complex task easy. More than 60% of website runs on this platform and used by world leading companies. The advantage of using the WordPress is that it is lush in plugins, which makes the complex tasks easy one.

Making YouTube video

Nepal is the land of paradise so everyone can use the gifted natural beauty as the source of income. You need to take caution on using the Drone for making a video because it is banned in Nepal. You can use the Google AdSense to make the money. Yes, Google AdSense work in Nepal. There are lots of you tuber in Nepal making money.

There is a countless Facebook group for subscribing exchange where you can exchange the subscriber and make the list of a large number of subscribers. Do not copy another person video, which can cause the termination of your account. There are other platforms for posting videos, but the easiest and convenient one is YouTube because it is fast and secure.

Affiliate marketing

You can use the affiliate marketing of the online giants like the Amazon. Making an Amazon account is a very easy process. All you need is the mail id. You can create the amazon affiliate account on the site. After making the affiliate account you are allocated link for individual products. This link needs to be posted on the website and is the easy process.


You can earn a lot of money from this small site. If you are good at Photoshop or best in graphic design. If not you can learn online for free. This platform sells everything above $5 this is the great site for beginners. You can earn money by doing everything that interests you in dollars.

 Up work

This is the best site for anyone have skills in any categories. You need to select the categories and needs to bid for individual projects. If you are selected, you got paid. This is simple and easy as it can result in gaining money in no time.


This is the best platform for anyone wishing to make money online. You need to select the categories and bid on the project. If you are selected, you are awarded the money. Keep in mind you need to complete the task in the time frame.

Photo selling

There are lots of photo selling website where you can sell the photos. Sites like Deposit photo make the excellent money for professional photographers. Every site has their own requirement for photos. Generally, you can apply the photo with the size greater than 3 Megabytes.


Create the new facebook page and post the affiliate link on the page. You are not allowed to paste the affiliate link on your profile due to this creating the new page is compulsory. You can share the page and look the potential customer. This is how to make money on Facebook. This is by making a page containing the affiliate advertisement.


This gives the money on the basis of sharing the content of the site. You are normally paid $1 per 100 shares on this social media site. Payment is by check, which needs to be exchanged in the bank


You can publish your eBook free of cost in the iBooks and amazon kindle. You need to sign up and fill up the form and post on the platform. Writing eBook requires a lot of time and effort. Further, there is the sharp competition in this field. So, it might not be lucrative for beginner despite being absolutely free. Also, to publish iBooksvMacBook is required and can be costly.

There are other countless ways to earn money online and the list goes on. As the beginners, some precaution is required, such as

  • Do not spend any money on opening an account.
  • Always use the VPN shifter the easy plugin in order to get the dark traffic.
  • All the account can be hacked so never allow any companies to track you.
  • Even the Facebook account of Mark Zuckerberg who is the CEO of facebook is hacked.
  • If possible use the antivirus software.
  • Always work on the Internet in an incognito window.
  • Never send the person information like the card number CVV online.
  • Remember the old proverb “Never trust anyone until you have seen his or her home”


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