What is Nut Allergy: Concise Introduction

Nut allergy is the common encounter health problems around the world. Depending on the geographical location one in hundred or two hundred is suffer from some form of nut allergy. Nut allergy is due to the allergic reaction of the human immune system towards the plant protein.

The over reaction of the human immune system is marked by severe physical symptoms (1). Usually, blood test and skin prick test are used determine the allergy in the body.


The most common symptoms are: the bowl upset causing diarrhea, red spots, itching especially in the mouth throat and another part of the body, drastically drop in blood pressure, difficulty in breathing, nausea, swelling and running nose like that in common cold.

Peanuts and Tree Nuts

Peanuts are different from tree nuts as the peanuts are the legumes and it is grown in the soil. A person with the peanuts allergies might have allergies to the tree nuts.


The allergy reaction towards nuts can be life threatening due to reaction to the human immune system. Due to this, it is essential to take special precaution on it. A person having an allergy to one kind of nuts can possible have an allergy to different types of nuts. The problems can be severe in children.


This is the sever health condition by consuming the peanuts. It is marked by difficulty in breathing due to acute allergic reaction to the foreign substance especially the antigen.

Common Nuts That Cause Allergy

Walnuts, peanuts, cashew, Brazil nuts, almonds, shea nuts, pine nuts, pistachios, pecans, and many other enable nuts produce in the tree. Anyone suffering from nut allergy might also have allergy with the pink Peppercorns (2).


The best treatment is to avoid the use of diet contains any types of nuts. In the case of severe reaction, immediate hospitalization is required.


The allergic reaction in the nuts can be minimized by adequate roasting or heating. Any allergic people need to read the label of the food package if any nuts are present. There are alternative food available for the person with the allergies and is highly advised to use them.


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