10 Grave Benefits of Green Tea

The tender leaves of the plant which is scientific name refer to as Camellia sinensis are often coined as the Green tea. In simpler term, the green tree is the unprocessed leaves of the plant.

The origin of the green tea can be traced towards the Asia especially China.

Green tea is of immense health importance due to humongous benefits to the health upon consumption. 

Green tea is virtually low in essential nutrient including several vitamins and minerals.

The Polyphenol often refers to as the phytochemical are believed to have the potent beneficial effect in the human body.

Health Benefits of Green Tea

1. Weight Loss

Due to low in the calorie consumption of the green tree is believed to reduce the weight.

Green tea triggers the hormone that can be the benefit in the losing of the fat (1).

Green tea is often taken as the potent tool for the healthy weight loss.

2. Gestational Diabetes

Due to the beneficial effect in the lowering of the glucose level in the blood. The consumption of the green tea helps in the erasing of gestational diabetes in especially during the pregnancy (2).

3. Brain Function

Overall beneficial effect of the antioxidant, nutrition followed by the cancer prevention property is beneficial for adequate functioning of the brain (3).

4. Lower Cholesterol

Green tree is often used to lower the cholesterol level in the blood (4).

This is the beneficial in producing several beneficial effects in the heart.

5. Alzheimer’s

The regular intake of the green tea is claimed to reduce the occurrence of the Alzheimer’s disease (5).

Further, the intake of the green tea is associated with the demise in the occurrence of the Dementia.

6. Antimicrobial

Green tea has the antimicrobial properties, which is beneficial in the elimination of the microorganism occurring in the human body (6).

Microbes are responsible for the occurrence of the various diseases in the human body.

7. Depression

The goodness of the caffeine combined with the L-theanine in the green tea is effective in minimizing the occurrence of the depression in the human body (7).

8. Joint Pain

Regular intake of the green tea is beneficial in soothing the occurrence of the joint pain in the human body (8).

9. Kidney Stone

The regular intake of the green tea is claimed to minimize the occurrence of the stone formation in the kidney (9).

10. Liver

The goodness of the antioxidant present in the green tea is beneficial for the adequate functioning of the liver (10).


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