Energy Sources: Renewable or Green Energy and Others

Natural resources are obtained from the Mother Nature. Resources can simply be defined as anything obtained from the environment that may be the sustainable and unsustainable way.

Types of the Resources

Non-Renewable and

1. Renewable Resources

Renewable resources are those resources, which can be renewed by the Natural process. Lets, take an example of the hydroelectricity, wind energy that is the perfect example of the renewable energy.

2. Non-Renewable Resources

These are the natural resources, which cannot be renewed in the other words they exist in fixed amount. Lets, take an example of the fossil fuel, which is the non-renewable resources.

These are the main culprit for the several environmental disasters occurring no a days.

3. Perpetual Resources

Perpetual Resources are everlasting for the considerable longer period of time. Let's take an example of the solar energy, which will exist infinitive over the longer period of time.

Everlasting refers to something that lasts for the considerable longer period of time. As the sun can be considered as the giant nuclear reactor running on the hydrogen Fuel. Sun has the limited fuel of the hydrogen for the energy source.

Non-Renewable Resources and Pollution

Due to the non-renewable nature of the non-renewable resources, massive extraction over the considerable longer period of time is causing several environmental degradations.

Various Environmentalists including the visionary entrepreneur Elon Musk of our age strongly oppose the use of the non-renewable natural sources due to its long-term effects on the planet earth.

Due to the massive release of the harmful gasses and chemical in the atmosphere, several unwanted health hazards are occurring in our age.

Lets us, take and example of the rise in the carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere, which is caused due to the massive burning of the fossil fuel.

The present trend of the worming of the earth is often claimed to be trigger by the massive use of the fossil fuel.

Further, various noisome gasses release from the fossil fuel is causing detrimental effect to the human health.

Scenario on the Energy Use

Due to advancement in the science and technology, there are more options for renewable resources available nowadays than that of the past.

Lets, take an example of the solar energy, which hashes the perpetual solar energy for the energy sources. The solar energy is becoming efficient day by day. This has the immense potential to change the landscape of how we obtain the energy.

The efficiency of the battery has been increased day by day. This can create several beneficial effects in the preventing the adverse damage to biogeochemical cycle of Earth.


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