Harness the Power of Water: Hydropower

Hydropower can simply define as the power obtained from the renewable resources water. As the sun being the perpetual resources warm up the earth surface and evaporates the water. The water vapor gets condense in the upper atmosphere and falls in the forms of the precipitation. Some common examples of the precipitation are rainfall, snowfall, dew, etc.

Component of the Hydropower

1. Optional Reservoir

The reservoir can be constructed to store the water. Stored water has several advantages such as controlled release of the water and it serves as the storage of the water for the dry season.

As the reservoir is the only option to conserve the potential energy in the Hydropower.

2. Diversion Canal

The diversion canal is the canal connecting the reservoir and the siltation tank.

3. Siltation Tank

Siltation tank is constructed to settle the silt. As silt can create several noisome as it decreases the life span of the turbine blade. Continuously hitting of the silt can degrade the blade and increase the cost of the maintenance.

4. Power Production

The forceful passing of the water from the siltation tank to the turbine rotate the turbine. This is achieved by adjusting adequate elevation difference, which creates the strong force of the water and rotates the turbine.

Risk of the Hydropower

1. The making of the humongous water storage tank in the reservoir uses the huge volume of land.
2. There is always the risk of the outburst due to the large water volume.
3. Has the potential to wipe out several biotas.
4. Due to massive silt carried by the river that can decrease the reservoir capacity in short period of time.

Country with the High Hydropower Potential and Poverty

Countries with the humongous Hydropower potential are most impoverished country. Lets, take an example of the country with the first and second hydropower potential that is Brazil and Nepal. Nepal is the country with the low Gross Domestic Product despite having humongous hydropower potential.

Scenario of the Hydropower

Due to the awareness of the public on the benefit of using the renewable resources such as hydropower for the Mother Nature. The willingness of the people to seek the alternative sources is constantly on the rise. This clearly justifies the potential high demand for hydropower energy in the near future.

As it is optional to create the reservoir in the hydropower which has several adverse effects on the Environmental.

The best solution for this is to eliminate the reservoir and allocated the hydropower project in the place with the perennial river. The snow fed river are often the perennial river which water volume did not dry up to significantly low level in the dry season.


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