Magnesium: Daily Value, Sources, Symptoms and Adverse effects

Magnesium is the essential mineral due to the several beneficial functions in the human health. The deficiency of the magnesium causing several ailments some are of grave concern.

Due to the several beneficial effects on the human health like lowering of the blood pressure, healthy bone, reduce stone formation, Asthma etc. it is receiving immense attention.

Daily Value

The daily value of the magnesium is 400 milligram for adult and the one older than four years of age.


Magnesium is found in the variety of sources such as Fish, Nuts, Grains, fruits like Avocado, Banana, and other.

The high content of the magnesium is in the green leafy vegetable.

Auxiliary Supplement

Due to immense health benefits by consuming the magnesium there are many types of the magnesium supplement available.

Due to the adverse effect of the high amount of the magnesium in the diet it is not advised to take the supplement without the medical contentious.

Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency

1. Low Blood Pressure

For the effective regulation of the blood, pressure magnesium is vital. The synergetic effect of the Magnesium, Calcium, and Potassium is beneficial to regulate the blood pressure in the human body (1).

2. Migraines Headache

Intake of the adequate amount of the magnesium in the regular diet causes reduction in the occurrence of a headache.

3. Thyroid Disorder

The deficiency of the magnesium in the diet can cause the disorder in the thyroid gland in the human body.

4. Bone

The roles of the magnesium on obtaining the healthy bone are often neglected. But, magnesium is vital for keeping calcium dissolved in the bone.

Low magnesium level in the blood can trigger the occurrence of the osteoporosis. These are marked by massive leaching of the calcium from the bone to the blood (2).

5. Depression

Magnesium is often claimed to have the power to soothe the depression in the human beings. The association of the occurrence of the depression can sometimes related to Magnesium deficiency.

6. Insomnia

The adequate amount of the magnesium intake is often associated with the decrease in the stress hormone named cortisol in the human body.

High Dose of Magnesium in the Human

1. Diarrhea

The high intake of the magnesium often associated with the occurrence of diarrhea. This is due to the absorption of water in the colon by the magnesium from the tissue around. This act of the magnesium trigger diarrhea (3).

2. Vomiting

The high intake of the magnesium often triggers the vomiting (4).


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