Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Easy Magic tricks for Beginners

The charisma of magic lies in its mesmerizing performance by a trained person. The trained person who makes a living by performing is called professional or pro. From the angle of the magician, magic is simply the illusion created by curious thought with intensive practices.
The category of the magic seems hazy. Some of the board categories are Levitation, Prediction, Penetration, Escape, Vanish, production, transformation, restoration are some of the widely used magical tricks by the magician.
Levitation is one in which magician makes an illusion of floating someone against gravity. Usually, they use mechanical power to enhance the illusion. Sometimes thin threads are also used. While walking in a pool they usually use transparent industrial grade glass.
Prediction in which magician predicts something. Prediction is the type of illusion in which magician predicts something. Usually, the magician makes a cut in the card just below the card of his choice. Make some kind of hole so that they can find easily their card.
Penetration like penetrating tongue, or arm. The curved rod is used in penetrating tongue. Whereas rubber cement is used in the armor penetration. These are a common type of illusion.
Escape on which one gets to escape from something. Usually, the professional magician does this in the theater. They escape from the handcuff or other knots. This is the combination of hand as well as other technology.
 Vanish on which magician commonly vanishes the coin. Usually, magician drops safely to the same place for this trick. If someone vanishes in a box or a chair, they might have been hidden in the box or taken by someone. If something moves in the magic trick than it is sure someone is escaping.
 The production in which magician produces snake from his hat. Either the magician puts the snake before showing audience or uses the certain chemical to change color. Blood powder, when exposed to water, mimics the fresh blood.
 Transformation in which magician transforms red handkerchief into white. Usually, hide one color and shows another color. If some woman changes in the animals than it are, sure that animal is hidden inside the cage.
Restoration is a trick in which the magician restores cut parts, rope, newspaper.  Usually, they hide the cut part and reveals another original. This type of trick is widely used by the street magician.
Natural and unnatural magic is called as the first book in Magic published in year 1489AD. There were few books on the magic and the knowledge of the magic tricks used to be kept the secret to making public obscure on the scene. In the place like Paris and London, there use to be staged for performing magic. People are charged to view the magic trick.  This triggers the wealth to the magician which ultimately helps the prosper of magic and development of new tricks.
Magic has kept secret from the magician by not revealing the process behind it. In past people, fear the witchcraft as an act of magic. It has been around for a long time since humankind started to socialize.
 Magic has long been mysterious to nonprofessional due to not availability of books that defects its proper mechanism underlying it. The Magician in the past has made much propaganda on the drawbacks of magic. It has been rumored that reading a magical book to make human psycho pathetic. Those who have an inner fear never attempt to revel the concealing truth.
 The savor of magic lies on viewing the performance of someone who is connoisseur of it. There is no escape from the single failure during magic. If the secret of all the magical performance gets exposed, this will not end the Magic performance. Instead, the magician will come up with the new trick to perform magic.
Gluts of the magic book are not doing any harm to magician instead; this is doing well to the magician. Lots of magicians around the globe are coming up with new ideas on magic. This practice will ultimately take the magic to a new level. Due to the advancement of science and technology, people are getting many options for refreshment. This does not mean that magic tricks will vanish forever.
Anyone who can come up with the novel trick will ultimately survive. The old techniques listed here are mostly performed. Many magicians around the globe have many ideas on how to create the noble magic trick.
A Magician with the basic knowledge of physics can do the charisma to the audience. It is due to the fact that the magician can combine the physic law in such a way that it might result in charisma. It is not an exaggeration to say that theater puts a life on the literature similarly; magic puts life to the scientific theories. The time has come for scientists to think in, such as a way to take the magic to a new level.

Parching of tongue

Gear: Two straight rods, rod bending equipment, Blood powder
1.     First, find out the two thin iron rods, which mimic scary object. One is needed for showing the audience and another for doing magic tricks.
2.      Take a rod and bend it as shown as in the figure. Keep two rods in the different pocket. You need to be confident on the side on which you place. Show the straight rod to the public.
3.     The Magician is synonymous with confidence. Therefore, you need to be absolute confidence in your act. Hold the second rod in the middle. Make a painful face as much as possible. This will fool your audience that you are having pain. Place on the tongue so that it looks real. Put some blood as possible.
4.     Use some blood powder that mimics blood.
5.      After all gets dumbfounded, release it very slowly by covering your mouth.
6.     If you really want to Pearce, the tongue uses the tongue of animal that mimics human tongue. Goat tongue can work. Place this between your teeth and show the audience without covering your tongue. You need to act like real parching of the tongue. Pay respect to the audience.

Amputation of finger

Gear: Carrot, toilet paper, Rubberband, scissor to cut finger
  1. Carrot size should resemble you figure to be cut.
  2. Hide the carrot inside the toilet paper mimicking your hand.
  3. Apply the rubber band on the top of it.
  4.  Precisely cut the carrot I mean finger.
  5. Act in such a way that your audience gets agape.
  6. Move your other hand like a real magician.
  7. Show your real finger, which the audience believes as real.

Amputation of Nose

Gear: viscous dye mimicking blood, clear Plastic bag, scissors, rubber band, two magicians
  1. Put the made viscous dye in the two clear plastic bags.
  2. Tighten firmly by placing the rubber band and remove the accessories.
  3. Two-magician Place bag on your hand.
  4. Show empty hand and quickly put the other hand containing plastic to next magician nose.
  5.  Next magician also should take the bag and squeeze on the nose.
  6.  Let the audience scream like the baby.
  7. End the audience pain by slowly releasing hand placed in the nose from another magician.

Large Flame on Eve

Gear: 50ml of kerosene, a match for igniting the fire.
Caution: this might evolve serious injury if use improper.
  1. Place the kerosene in your mouth.
  2.  Violently blow the kerosene-like spray up in the air.
  3. When almost all the kerosene escape from your mouth puts the flame just above the mouth.
  4. There will bizarre of light just above your mouth.

Igniting fire and extinguishing:

Gear: 200 ml of kerosene, 200ml of water
  1. Drink the water in your empty stomach.
  2. Drink the kerosene just before the performance.
  3.  Kerosene floats on water.
  4.  Disgorge the kerosene from your mouth on lightening candle flame becomes intense.
  5.  Stop for a couple of minutes to receive the applaud. Again, spill from your mouth to the flame this time water will come and fire will ultimately fade away.

Engulfing fire

Gear: Matchstick box
  1. Make the mouth shape such as there is enough space for fire.
  2.  Light the matchstick.
  3.  Precisely placed it in your mouth.
  4.  It continuous burn with the oxygen remain in your mouth.
  5. Release in a couple of seconds when the audience gets dumbfounded.

Moving object

Gear: Rope and coconut kernel
  1. Place a rope inside the coconut kernel.
  2. Stretch it so that it rotates upward.
  3. Slightly loosen your coconut shell the coconut drops down.
  4.  Fasten the string so that coconut shell does not move.
  5. It should be slowly done so that the entire process takes time for accomplishment.

Smoke from ear

Gear: cigarette, matchstick
  1. Light the cigarette.
  2. Deeply inhale the smoke.
  3. Take as much air as you can on the lung.
  4.  To Fully apply the pressure in your lung by stopping breathing.
  5.  Smoke comes out from the ear.
  6. This practice is often called health hazard.

Beer from empty beer cane

Gear: full beer cane, thumbnail, cup, marker
  1. Pierce the side of beer cane; empty the half of beer slowly from that tiny hole.
  2.  Mark the black color at the opening as shown in the figure.
  3. Show the crushed cane to the audience.
  4. Sake the crushed cane the cane gets inflated.
  5.  Open the beer and pour into the cup.
  6. Astonish the audience by drinking the beer.

Piercing of forearm

Gear: a sharp needle, cement gum mimicking human skin color
  1. Place the Rubber cement on the hand needs to be pierced.
  2. Start pierce in the hand scramming shown in the figure.
  3.  Attach the skin to the skin by folding it.
  4. There seems real pierce and show everyone from a distance.
  5. When every audience starts to cry, release it out in an intensive quick.

Human Vanish

Gear: Skinny woman, one assistance, a box
  1. Place a girl in the box as shown in a figure.
  2. Slide the door to close the box.
  3. Give a little time for her to do the job.
  4. The girl will open the dawn ward, put her legs, and attach to the wall.
  5. Slowly squeeze the girl as if you are applying immense pressure on it.
  6. Ask another volunteer to open the door.
  7.  Everyone is dumbfounded by the disappearance.
  8. Close the door.
  9. Move into original position.
  10. Give less time to the girl to regain her original position.
  11. Slide the door of the box to open the girl.

Upward moving ring

Gear: rubber band, Ring
  1. Take a large rubber band and keep 2/3 of it inside your palm.
  2. Stretch the remaining by pressing the rubber band.
  3. Slowly release the longer band.
  4.  The ring appears to be moving upward.

Vanishing object

Gear: Toothpick, tape preferably transparent
  1. Apply the tape to the thumb to place the toothpick.
  2. If you bend, the thumb, then toothpick emerges out.
  3.  Once show the bent thumb quickly.
  4.  Again, show the straight thumb so that toothpick vanishes.

Scratch Smartphone

Gear: Tracing paper, any sharp thing to put scratch on paper, plastic with air pocket
  1. Take the tracing paper and cut precisely to the size of the tracing paper.
  2. Apply the air pocket at the edge of the tracing paper.
  3.  Ask the mobile you want to make a scratch.
  4. Place the apparatus on the cloth used for rubbing the screen.
  5.  Precisely place the tracing paper on the screen.
  6. Press the air pocket so that the cracking noise will emerge out.
  7. Show the screen to owner of mobile from a distance.
  8.  Promise him that you will repair it.
  9.  Again, rub with the cloth of your own.
  10. Slide down the tracing paper.
  11. Show it to the owner with extreme gel.

Mobile smashing

Gear: Black paper, Scissor
  1. Precisely cut the paper resembling the smartphone.
  2. Speak loudly on the phone as if you are angry.
  3. Just show your anger as much as you can so the surrounding person gets astonished.
  4.  Smash the paper and throw in the dustbin.
  5. People will be fooled that you have smashed the Smartphone.

Cutting human into pieces

Gear: large industrial crusher, a complicated machine, two staff for assistance, one duple.
  1. Show the crusher rotation as much as possible.
  2. Insert your body on the one half or the machine from the back.
  3. Just fasten your hand on chain mimicking there is no place to escape.
  4. Already the duple should be present inside of the other half.
  5. When the crusher appears, you need to scream.
  6. When the crusher moves up, just show the two waves of peace machine to make sure for the audience you are cut in half. 
  7. Attach the two pieces.
  8.  Slowly move your body.
  9. Came out from the machine and wave your hand to the audience.

Vanishing chair

Gear:  a skinny attractive girl, two assists, complicated chair
  1. Place the girl on the chair.
  2.  Cover the girl with the cloth to hide from the public.
  3. The girl should open the chair lock and lower down.
  4. Once show the girl by opening the covering.
  5. Place the hat beneath the chair at the top of the chair.
  6. The girl should slide down as shown as in the figure.
  7. Open the covered cloth of the chair and astonish the audience.

Metal Ring inside the bottle

Gear: Transparent bottle, two rings, a magnet attach to ring
  1. Place the Ring inside the bottle.
  2. Side near your magnetic ring so that it is stocked in it.
  3.  Holding the bottle precisely show the ring in your second hand.
  4. Council the ring in your hand by pretending you are striking the bottle.
  5. Liberate the finger attaching to ring.

Orchestra vanishing

Gear: Group of people who can perform orchestra, arsenal of backstage supporter, lightening
  1. Put the orchestra in their respective chair.
  2.  Hide it by pulling the curtain.
  3. Give some time for rotation of the entire scene.
  4.  The empty chair appears.
  5. Again, pull the curtain and rotate.
  6. Orchestra reappears.


Gear: A complicated cage, four volunteers, animal
  1. Place the animal precisely beside the cage.
  2. Put the dark cover to hide the animal.
  3.  Insert the girl inside the cage.
  4.  Close the cage and cover the entire cage with a curtain.
  5. The girl should hide underneath the cage with the rush and should release the dark cover.
  6.  Pull out the cloth in the curtain.
  7.  Transformation complete.

Change the bill

Gear: 1$ and $50 bill and a glue
  1. Precisely place the $50 bill beneath the $1 bill.
  2. Show one-dollar bill to the public with relish by hiding the $50.
  3.  Fold the one dollar and turn the other side.
  4.  Slowly open the fifty dollars by hiding the one-dollar in the back.
  5.  Magic happens.

Classic Levitation of woman

Gear: lifting machine, table, a volunteer
  1. Pretend by asking the audience to come up the stage and choose a trained volunteer.
  2.  Place a girl on the table.
  3. The girl dressing should be long and flexible to hide the trick.
  4.  Lift the girl by a lifter from backstage.
  5.  Lower down the girl and trick finishes.

Basket sword trick

Gear: Basket, swords, volunteers.
  1. Place the medium size basket on the table.
  2. Put a girl in the basket.
  3. Place a lead at the top.
  4. Show the razor-sharp sword to the audience.
  5.  Slowly insert the blade into the box one by one.
  6.  Give time to the woman so that she can insert to their respective position.
  7.  This trick is super dangerous, a single miss will kill the girl in the instance.

Rabbit from hat

Gear: Magician hat, Rabbit, black piece of cloth
  1. Precisely wrap the rabbit on the piece of cloth and hang beneath the table.
  2. Show the empty hat to the public.
  3.  Horizontally place the hat.
  4. Quickly place the rat in the hat and sow the rabbit to the public.

Elephant disappearance

Gear: Elephant, Large cabinet for delusion, some volunteer for performance. Large gate containing mirror on the gap
  1. Place the elephant in the room, which must be painted the same.
  2. Close the gate of the room.
  3. Blow a smoke on the stage.
  4.  Precisely place the mirror in the gap of the gate so that it reflects the wall of the surrounding.
  5. Take the elephant out of the room.
  6. Open the gate.
  7. There is no elephant either.

Reading brain trick

Gear: Carbon paper, a notebook, Pen, Liquid wax, lighter.
  1. Ask one volunteer to come out from the stage and write one name and show the public.
  2. When the name is written, ask her to rip the paper and show the public and fold it.
  3. Turn the other side and look at the carbon copy hidden beneath the note.
  4. Immediately write the name with liquid wax on the arm.
  5. Turn around, crush the paper offered by volunteers, and burn it.
  6.  Rub the ashes on the arm the writing gets visible.

Grave trick

Gear: A large machine for filling grave, a complicated room, side opening in the grave
  1. Insert inside the grave by fastening of hand and legs.
  2. Quickly made an escape from the grave and enter the underground hidden compartment.
  3.  Rise little bit higher from your initial point.
  4. After the grave starts to fill up just snick inside it.
  5. You need to hold breath for more than 2 minutes and remain hidden inside the grave.
  6.  Keep the backup for enough oxygen and other to escape the death traps.
  7. Finally, pull out your fist and came out as if from another world.

 Ash from bare hand

Gear: Ash
  1. Make a pinch of an ash.
  2.  Hide precisely between the fingers.
  3. Slowly slide your figure and bring the pinch of ash to the thumb.
  4. Rub your thumb above someone hand.

Regurgitating precious metal

Gear: large towel, Precious stone, some turmeric paste.
  1. Place a turmeric paste in the mouth for a while give a little time so that it gets to mix with the saliva in the mouth.
  2. Pretend that you are vomiting so as to regurgitate the precious metal due to your divine nature.
  3. Expel some fluid on the outside with the wide mouth open pretend that some miracle is going to happen.
  4. Immediately place a large towel near the mouth in which the large metal has already been concealed.
  5. Show the stone in the towel to the public pretending to be divine.

Hitting the knife on target

Gear: Moving circular disk, Sharp Knife, two volunteer
  1. Precisely place the volunteer in the circular disk.
  2. Show the rasher sharp knife to the audience.
  3.  Pretend that you are hitting the disk by putting it in your pocket.
  4. The volunteer at backstage should be trained how to Release each bottom.
  5. Continuously scare the audience by hitting the target.

Card outside the glass of moving the bus.

Gear: card set, glue
  1. Compel someone to withdraw the card you want.
  2. You need to place cards on any disguise object before the trick begins.
  3. Pretend that you are reveling the card someone has chosen.
  4. Show them the place you have hidden the card.

Rejoining the bill

Gear: two identical bills, Glue
  1. Attach the one bill to another as shown in the figure.
  2.  Slowly tear one bill in front of an audience.
  3.  This trick only works when the audiences are in front of you.
  4. Slowly fold the tear apart and keep it in the pocket made of money.
  5.  Do some hand gesture to restore the bill.
  6.  Once the bill is in the made pocket turn it and slowly reveal the attached bill.

Crushing a bottle

Gear: Normal Plastic bottle
  1. Place a bottle between your two hands.
  2. Slowly slide the downward edge of the bottle to the arm.
  3.  Just make some gesture that you are applying intense pressure.
  4. This trick only works if the audience is straight in front of you as this trick is absolutely angle sensitive.
  5. Slowly pull the neck of the bottle upwards so that it seems you are reveling in the bottle.

Piercing the paper

Gear: Magnetic pen, paper
  1. Show the completely magical pen to the audience. This pen contains two parts attached to the magnet.
  2.  Make a gesture on which you are making the hole in the paper.
  3. Quickly conceal the upper end of the pen and place the pen between the paper.
  4.  Slowly move towards the corner revealing the paper is intact.

Levitating the card

Gear: A card, transparent tape, Transparent plastic
  1. Make a thin sheet of plastic and attach to the middle of the card by using double-sided tape.
  2. Place the plastic in the hand.
  3. Slowly squeeze the hand so that the card appears to move upward.

Lighting the ball

Gear: ordinary light ball, small light source any
  1. Show the ordinary light ball to the public if they wish gives them the touch to the ball.
  2.  Slowly made some gesture so that light begins to glitter.
  3. Make some moves and glow the light source on your hand by using the hidden light source.
  4. This mimics that bulb is lighting up.

Moving button

Gear: Button preferably black button, thin thread preferably black
  1. Attach one end of the thread to buttons and another end to the shirt.
  2.  Place the button on the hand and slowly move the hand outward.
  3.  The button seems moving towards the body.

Insert cell phone in the bottle

Gear: Plastic Bottle, Scissor, and cell phone
  1. Cut the side of the plastic bottle to insert the cell phone.
  2. Shake the cell phone with some hand gesture.
  3.  Place the cell phone inside the bottle.
  4. When inside the bottle show them by shaking.

Money from scratch

Gear: $100 Bill, thin paper, and a candle
  1. Hide the 100-dollar bill on your hand.
  2. Crush the thin paper and burn the candle.
  3.  Slowly reveal the bill with caution.

Fire on hand

Gear: Sodium, water
  1. Take a trace amount of sodium in the palm.
  2. Sodium is highly flammable and must be dipped in kerosene any time.
  3.  It reacts with water and produces flame.
  4. Show the flame in your hand to amuse the people.

 Cell phone inside the balloon

Gear: cell phone, Balloon
  1. Inflate the Balloon with air.
  2. Place the cell phone at the bottom of the balloon.
  3. Release the air balloon from one hand and apply intensive pressure from downwards.
  4. Cell phone gets entangled in the balloon.