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Aghori Baba Living with the Dead Human Body

Aghori Baba is the most fearsome Baba of all Hindu sects. There are less than fifty Aghori Baba in India as well as Nepal due to their arduous and martinet lifestyle. Both the India and Nepal contain more than eighty percent of the Hindu population, which cremate the dead body. Aghori Baba Lives near the cremation ground and did the ritual in Pyre. Due to their practice of cannibalism, this Hindu sect is given the keen interest by westerners. 

This sect claims that by following the martinet lifestyle they are able to liberate themselves from the natural cycle of birth and death. Due to the excessive indulgence with alcohol and marijuana cigarette, they behave abnormally. True Aghori Baba remains active during the night and remains idle during the day. Any Facebook and Mobile number of Aghori Baba is almost all the potential traps.

The origin of Aghori Sects seems hazy. The scent of evidence suggests that a recluse of medieval Kashmir might have inducted this sect. Due to the varied of sects in Hinduism performing the different type of ritual practice for salvation. This different practice might have resulted due to geographical isolation and thinking level of the community thriving in society.

To be an Aghori person needs to follow martinet lifestyle along with the rigorous practices under the guidance of the guru. One needs to live in cremation ground for twelve years performing different rituals. Indulgence on anything is strictly prohibited. After the completing of the twelve-year cycle, Aghori is claimed to be liberated from the cycle of life and death or ready for salvation.

There is the strong need to maintain the achievement by following stick lifestyle like not going to own and relative house. Usually, after the completion of the Aghori ritual, one becomes the healer the diseased people to relief from the suffering.

There is a common belief that all the Hindu Baba smoke weed. There are gluts of Babas who do not smoke. Marijuana is considered holy by the Hindu because Shiva the ultimate destroyer of the Universe is believed to smoke weed. So, one who is a devotee of Shiva Smoke weed on a regular basis. The reason for smoking weed might be the alternation of mind in high. Despite being illegal to sell marijuana in India and Nepal Babas are allowed to smoke freely.

There are many videos on the internet about Aghori Baba eating the Human dead body. The practice of cannibalism has attracted lots of attention in the present world. Yes, Aghori Baba eats the dead body of a human. This is the part of their ritual on attaining the salvation. The history of cannibalism dates back to the long period of time when human beings start to socialize. Due to the rife amount of information regarding Aghori on the internet, the time has come to know the reality about them.

Aghori Baba is considered as the Baba living with the dead because of the fact that all their rituals need to perform in the cremation ground. Not all the Hindus cremate the dead body near the bank of the river some bury the body. The majority of the Hindus cremate the dead body. Aghori depends entirely on the cremation ground for his ritual. He eats left in the cremation ground. Wears what is brought to the cremation ground. Normally, Aghori remains necked in the Cremation ground.  He needs to depend on the fire of pyre to cook his food. 

To be a Hindu Baba first and foremost requirement is to be Sanyasi. This is done by several Akhada rife in India. This is usually done during the Kumbh Mela by taking the nominal amount of money. For this primary requirement is to shave the hair on the head. There is the need to receive the mantra with the initiation and have several holy dive in river Ganga. The holy river Ganga is considered as the destroyer of sins of every human on the earth. Bathing on the holy river claims to wash the scene people have committed in the various lives.

Aghori sect does not differentiate between good and bad good and evil. According to him or her, there is the Shiva resides inside every organism. The Lord is hidden inside the flesh by obstruction. This is the core thinking process of Aghori Baba. Some Aghori also drinks the urine and do other extreme activities.

The Mantra that the Aghori chants are believed to claimed to produce the magical power. Normally the Aghori mantra is given during the Hindu festival of Dashain. This Hindu festival is the worship of the goddess Durga. She is considered a powerful god in the Hindu sect and considered as the wife of Lord Shiva. It is believed that Shiva and Durga have created the whole the universe. However, different Hindu sects claim the origin of the universe in different ways. There is no hard and fast rule to believe on one ideology on religious. Hindus have the rife ideology to follow according to the choice.

Due to their arduous lifestyle during the entire ritual, they are claimed to have possessed the power to perform Necromancy. Despite the Black magic is not widely believed by the western communities. People in the rural part of the world still believe in this and made the notable offering for the performance. Aghori is claimed to change the stone into gold, ants into rice, etc. There is lots more story surround the elusive Baba.

Due to their extreme lifestyle, there are fewer true Aghori in Asia, particularly in Nepal and India. Anyone wishing to see the Aghori need to do little lucubration on the ARTICLE. It is not worthy to search the Aghori Baba in the Himalayas or in the cave. Aghori Baba can be found in the Hindu festival at Pashupatinath and Kumbh Mela. 

Anyone wishing to make the documentary of Aghori Baba needs to meet them during the Hindu festival and should talk with them following the culture of Aghori. It is considered a fruitful practice of conversation by offering alcohol and money.

Aghori Baba is easily distinguished from other Baba as they carry human skull with them all the time. A true Aghori solely relies on the human skull to eat and drink. Anyone claiming to be Aghori by carrying human bones might lure for money to anyone. Smoking and drinking alcohol are the mundane activities of the Aghori. 

Aghori put the ash of the pure in the dead body. A Hindu priest regards the ash from pyre an untouchable and needs to dump in the flowing river. However, Aghori put the ash from the pyre in his body and claimed to produce good results. Aghori sect considers auspicious that everything that normal Hindu considers unholy.

True Aghori lives away from the human settlement, as they do not wear cloth. They perform the entire ritual without wearing the cloth. The Notable fact is that not all the necked Baba is Aghori as Aghori must possess the human skull. This is the identity of the Aghori. Due to their antisocial characters like indulgence in alcohol, smoking weed, working necked Aghori do not visit the village and seek alms like other Babas. If you encounter Aghori Baba visiting the town to seek alms, then he might be fake.

Due to the recent rise of the criminal hiding like an Aghori. There has been mandatory to keep the card with every Baba. It is insensitive and a discount for the Babas on every public transportation in India. There has been rising in the advertisement of the Aghori Facebook account and mobile number on the internet. How can less than 50 Baba handle this due to this reason best practice to meet Aghori is to have a glimpse of them in Hindu Festival? You can have an idea of this book on Amazon.


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