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Pheri: The Endemic Ritual from Nepal

Nepal is the country that lies between India and China. Predominate area of Nepal is covered by the mountains and hills. She hosts the world highest mountain the Mount Everest. Nepal lies in the seismically active zone hence receive frequent earthquakes.

Due to the long period of isolation from the rest of the world, the culture and tradition found here are endemic. Before 1951, none of the foreigners are allowed to enter in Nepal as the Rana rule forbids foreigners entry.


There is the tradition of blowing the horn of blackbuck at the midnight which is commonly known as Pheri. This is the weird ritual and has been in practice for the long time back.


This ritual can be performed around the year except for the month of mid of April to mid of may and mid of November to the mid of December. Generally Pheri ritual needs to practice twice in the year but due to dire poverty among the community members nowadays the ritual is performed around the year.


The precise origin of Pheri ritual is hazy. Scents of evidence point out towards the King Prithvi Narayan Shah. Who has used them the community members as the spay?


People believed that the blow of the black buckhorn in the midnight drives the evil spirit out of the community. This is taken as the essential practice and due to this, the Jogi is widely respected.

Who is responsible for performance?

The Jogi commonly known as Pheriwala Jogi that resides around Nepal mostly in eastern part of Nepal is responsible for the performance. Only the male member can perform this ritual.

Why is it weird?

Imagine someone makes the horror noise outside the house in the middle of Night. This is what the weird Pheri ritual is. This can be terrible for everyone, especially for the children.

Purpose of Pheri ritual

The prime purpose of this ritual is to get rid of noisome evil spirit. The evil spirits are believed to the cause of suffering and it is essential to get rid of them. It is performed before 3 am in the morning after midnight.

Difference between Jogi and Ascetic

Jogi is different from Ascetic is varied ways. Ascetic lives like the Loner and Jogi live with the family member like the normal person. Earning is on the basis of alms collected on the following day of the Pheri ritual.

Geographical distribution

This ritual is performing around Nepal. Even in the capital city of Nepal the Kathmandu, this ritual is performed.


They are believed to be the devotee of the guru Gorakhnath, part of Hinduism.

Curing illness

During the Pheri ritual the family member of the sick individual request the treatment of sick member. This practice is believed to get rid of the evil spirit. There is the need of offering for this practice.


Unlike another ascetic, the offering of the Jogi needs to include several items which he includes in several different bags. The offering includes Rice, Pulses, Salt, Vegetable oil, Turmeric, Potatoes, Ghee, black cloth, Money etc. Every essential material needed in the mundane life needs to be offered.

The Jogi perform the prayer during the offering with special mantras to make the life free from the suffering of the evil spirit.


The Pheri ritual is at the constant rate of decline. Due to less income from the performance, there is only the older member of the family performing the ritual. This is also the endangered cultural ritual of Nepal.



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