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Professional Magic Tricks

Magic has been amusing people long before when we as human being starts to socialize. Magic is considered scary due to unavailability of information to the public by the performer to keep secret. It is actually the illusion created by the trained professional. Anyone inventing new tricks, can put the patient of the tricks and perform, as they like.

Due to the rise of social media, which gives everyone a unique opportunity to share their talent. There are many magic tricks based on science as well as the charisma of skillful hand. Many people around the globe are interested in magic tricks than before. Anyone can find a lot of information on magic tricks and how to make them even the so-called black magic. Due to rife information on magic tricks, people are amusing others at the dinner table with illustration. There are also many books for kids,  learn magic tricks systematically. Anyone interested in learning magic tricks systematically can read the book at Magic Tricks.

The category of the magic seems hazy. Some of the board categories are Levitation is the classic magic tricks performed by the magician. This trick requires a machine support for the levitation. Usually, the lifter is located behind the curtain and works according to magician signals.Some magician prefers to place the lifter switch on the ground so that they can manually switch it up. For working above the swimming pool magician uses the transparent industrial grade glass, which is almost invisible to our eye. All the magician does is the Acting of doing something impossible.

Prediction is the common magic tricks used by magician mostly on card tricks and in predicting someone writing in a notebook. For the card, tricks cut the edge of the card so that it is easily recognized by them. Usually, the volunteer is paid to put the known card while the audience is busy in magic tricks. For predicting writing in a notebook the magician uses the carbon paper beneath the note without noticing and illusively looks the writing of the volunteer. After that, he uses the wax to write the text in the hand. When the ash is spread in the hand, the writing becomes visible. The ash is usually obtained by burning of notebook page written by volunteers.

Penetration is the act possible by the leather cement. This cement mimics the color of the hand. The magician screams as if he is making penetration of his hand. The thing he does is to put the cement in the skin and fold the two edges of the skin, which mimic he has inserted the sharp needle in his arm. Penetration of the tongue is the classic tricks amusing magician around the globe. In order to penetrate the tongue, a magician uses the bent rod that mimics penetration. Some magician performs real penetration of tongue by putting the tongue that mimics the human tongue usually goat tongue works for this.

Escape is the terrifying magical performed by the magician. The most deadly escape tricks are the grave escape. The magician is buried alive in the grave and after the grave is completely filled up magician makes an appearance. For this trek, there is the need of secret compartment beneath the grave. A grave trick has killed more magician than other tricks. For, this trick trained profession is required. Usually, in the theater, escape can be accomplished by hiding in the secret compartment or by other means. If some volunteer moves an object in the theater, it is sure to be carrying the person to be escaped.

Vanish is the common magic tricks shown by the street magician as well as in the theater. A piece of cloth gets vanishes inside the hand. This is due to the secreted wire attached to it. Usually, the powerful magnet is used to accomplice this act. The most astonishing tricks are the elephant vanishing tricks. In this tricks, the wall is painted with the same color. Further, there is the mirror on the gap of the gate. When the mirror is placed in the gate this mimics like the entire room. This is the perfection of illusion by the magician. 

Production is the process of making the certain appearance of something. Usually, this is accomplished by the hidden chamber, which hides something to produce. The most classical tricks are the production of rabbit from the hat.For this tricks, the rabbit is replaced under the table by covering with the piece of cloth. The rabbit is used for this purpose instead of other animals is that it remains less agile. If the animals move or produce the sound the whole the performance will be ruined. As the audience might know the mechanism behind the magic. 

Transformation is the tricks on which one changes to another. This is the scariest tricks of faint-hearted people. There are various ways of transformation usually the beautiful woman is changed to a lion. The most important part of the magic is the timing if the timing is not done with proper the tricks does not work. A one dollar change into 100 dollars. In this process, the 100 dollars is hidden beneath the one-dollar bill by folding it precisely.

Restoration is the process of restoration of the chopped pieces or teamed bill. For chopping off the magician, everything that mimics the real is used. This is a relatively dangerous experiment as there is a risk of life if the single mechanical error happens. For restoring, the bill two bills are precisely attached in the half. This can be accomplished by putting the cut part in the secret chamber made behind the bill and showing the original bill to the public.

There are various types of magic around the globe. Usually, the street magician performs the magic in order to make their living. The time has come to call the magic as the profession and it is the part of amusement. There are some societies around the globe where the charismatic magicians are celebrated as the incarnation of god. These societies are especially rife in the rural part of the globe. The educated people are now making the drama about the crafty magician in order to educate the public. This practice has gained new height, especially in India, where the awareness Champaign about the Crafty Babas is on the rise.

To be the professional magician anyone needs the diligent hard practice for each act. First, try something that is simple and goes for the complex. Try not doing dangerous tricks before acquiring some basic skills in magic. Hundreds of magicians have died on performance and it is scary to do dangerous acts. The most astonishing part to be a magician is that one will get the real experience of the human life. Perception about certain belief, especially religious seems to change.

The technically obsessed society of present age seems more interested in magic than of any age before. There is a humongous advertisement on the internet site with is doing well with magic. Thousands of kids are showing magic online, which is the good thing. This leads the magic to new heights.

Anyone who can perform acts with confidence can make a living with magic. Magic truly has the great scope in modern society. A magician who used to perform the magical tricks in the theater can make the video and shell on the video sharing site of they can just upload and placed the advertisement where anyone anywhere can earn money. The time has changed so is the magic tricks. Due to the advancement in modern technology, people are indulging themselves more on electronic devices than before. Anyone willing to have a realistic idea of how to earn money in by placing video in social media site can read this book at Money earning online without Investment

A good magician can start earning money by teaching magic tricks online. Due to rise in internet platform to share the knowledge and thought has become easier for individuals to make living than before and difficult for the corporate business to thrive. 


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