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Silent Killer During Old Age: Loneliness

Human beings are the social animal hence the social interaction is the vital part of life. Human used to live in the nuclear family with lots of family members. The elder members of the family usually use to take care of the younger member of the family. Due to massive workaholic culture and unwillingness of youngsters to stay with the parents the problems of the loneliness is skyrocketing.

Due to the rise in the average life expectancy around the globe, the problem is constantly on the rise. People are living longer due to the advancement of science and technology. The serious drawbacks of the longer life are the loneliness in old age.

Loneliness is the byproduct of solitude for prolong period of time. It has an adverse effect on the human life.

Every one of us passes through the old age during the life cycle. Getting old is the enviable part of human life. It is essential to make adequate preparation well ahead of time in order to efficiently cope with the loneliness.

Cause of loneliness

Loneliness is caused due to prolonged isolation from the family member, friends or any cause that excluded from the social interaction. Generally, after the retirement of older age people suffer from loneliness. Further, remote area, bad financial condition, etc. boost the suffering from the loneliness. Other causes such as indulgence in alcohol, not taking care of personal hygiene, malnutrition can also boost this phenomenon.

In the western society living with the parents is often consider social stigma. This makes the offspring feels inferior and lacks the freedom to stays with the parents. There are the urgent needs to change this belief system to cope with this havoc of loneliness in old age.


Loneliness can cause severe health problems in the individual affected. It can ruin the health, leads to cognitive disorder, chronic depression, irritation, and several other unwanted effects.

Ways to cope with loneliness

1. Make younger friends

Making younger friends puts a lot of good feelings and increases the enthusiasm. At the tender age, everyone is innate with vigorous energy. Traditionally our older ancestors take care of the younger member of the family.

2. Be social

If possible it is better to venture into the peaceful park or any place that boot the potential of social interaction. If possible doing some volunteer work can also help. There are always people who are in the need of small help. If possible help anyone according to own will and wish.

3. Saving for retirement

Money can buy almost everything in the materialistic world. It is essential to start saving for retirement at the tender age. Lack of money can synergistically boost the loneliness due to mundane problems.

4. Keep pets

This is the age-long practice of keeping the pet for recreation. Keeping pets has several benefits including the effectively combat the loneliness during dotage.

5. Regular health check up

There is the need for vision and hearing aid for effective communication. Lack of this can produce lots of noisome during communication.

6. Education

Children need to educate on gerontology during the early age. This can produce an effective result to combat problems arises during dotage.


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