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5 Majestic Information on Antibiotics

Almost anyone in the universe is the familiar with the term Antibiotic. Antibiotics are mainly used in prevention and control of the bacterial infection of various kinds. Some antibiotics can also have the potential to cure the protozoan parasite. Antibiotic did not kill the virus and is not used in the control of virus and disease caused by it like the common cold. It is generally perceived that antibiotics are the collection of the dead bacteria but in reality, several chemicals are used to kill or inhibit the growth of the microbes.


1. Discovery

Alexander Fleming first discovered antibiotic accidentally in the year 1928. Penicillin that is the fungal mold has the capacity to kill and prevent the spread of bacteria. Various deadly disease of the past like tuberculosis has been cured with the use of the antibiotic. Due to the marvelous invention the average life expectancy of the human increase drastically. The Greek and Romans use to select the molds and plant materials to treat the infection  (1).

2. Disease Resistance

Due to unjustified use of the antibiotics, there has been the development of the antibiotic resistance. Due to this treatment of disease is becoming difficult day by day. Antibiotic resistance is the serious threat to human life (2). The problems are severe in the developing country where any types of antibiotic are available for purchase without the medical prescription.

Due to the unnecessary prescription of the antibiotic by the medical practitioners, there has arisen the condition of the antibiotic resistance by the pathogens. This is of the serious concern as more will be the antibiotic resistance more potent dose of antibiotic needs to be administered. There are the researchers that claim that medical practitioners are inclined to prescribe the antibiotics to those who are willing to use them.

Not all the ailments require antibiotic for effective curing. It is not wise to use the antibiotic without the advice of the medical professional. It is essential to take the precise dose of antibiotic prescribed by the doctor. In the case of missing dose, it is advised to take after remembering it.

3. Administration

The antibiotic can be taken orally, given intravenously, as eye or airdrops. As the function of the antibiotics is to prevent the infection. Based on the place of occurrence of the microbes the administration of the antibiotics greatly varies.

4. Mode of Action

The mode of the action of the broad and narrow spectrum antibiotic differs greatly. Almost all the antibiotics prevent the growth of the bacterial cell by targeting cell wall, cell membrane, inhibiting protein synthesis and interfering with the bacterial enzyme (3).

5. Side Effect

The common side effect of the antibiotic is diarrhea this is due to the disturbance in the normal floral population of the gut. Allergies of different kinds followed by the interaction with other drugs can be devastating. Further intake of the antibiotic with alcohol decreases the effectiveness of the antibiotics.


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