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Internet Frauds and Scams in Nepal

The main reason for making money online in Nepal is due to the innate poverty of our country. Our country is lagging behind not only on the economy but also in the education. Our country economy  relies on the remittance from the foreign sources

We can develop our country by utilizing the powerful tool called the Internet. The Internet has the capacity to change the lifestyle of the person. Not only the educated person there are lots of work for an uneducated person.  In reality, there is no requirement to show you an academic certificate to anyone while doing online jobs. Some of the common examples of the working for and uneducated persons are the Pay to click sites. Here no any skills or knowledge is required. You can earn money just by clicking the ad. For an educated person, the full-time income can be made from the Internet. It is estimated that average freelancer earns around $30K per year. Which is a good amount of money for everyone, especially for the one living in the developing country?

There is some precaution that is necessary to take in order to work for online basic precaution is never investing the money in an unknown scheme. The Internet is lush with the scam Sites where anyone can get duped. The scam site is always targeting the novice. Some might lure by email like you have been selected in the lottery. Scammers use branded companies like the Microsoft, coca cola mimicking sites to send you mail that you are the winner of the lottery. This is all trap and is the part of the Internet fishing.

If you want to make money on the Internet an essential part is to do a little research in search engine whether the site is legitimate. If there are too many complaints and negative review than this might not be the safe place to be in.

Financial frauds in Nepal

There has been a rise in financial frauds on the Internet, especially allure someone for the loan. There are lots of emails to facilitate loan without any supporting documents. They ask some money to begin the process. Anyone who pays will lose the money. 

Corporate scams in Nepal

There are gluts of scam for anyone wishing to make money online. They ask you to deposit a small amount of money and allure you by assuring that they will give double. These are the true scam. There is not a single legitimate business in the world that can give you the double amount of money in a short period of time.

Nepal being the poor country is an easy target for brokers with ill intention. They will assure you to give the student loan at the cheapest rate and take the upfront and vanishes.

Facebook frauds and Scams

Someone wants a bulk article online and anyone is willing to write it. When you submit the article without consideration of payment. It will be gone forever.

Work from home without investment schemes came with the attractive offers. Most of these scams do not pay to the employee.

Facebook is the most used social media in Nepal. As more is the users huge is the market so it obviously becomes target place for the person with ill intention.

Do not pay for a Facebook advertisement for any firm or agency to get more like. They will increase the like by the like exchange and charge you a huge sum of money. This can lead to unwanted traffic to your site.

Email Frauds and Scams

There are occasional emails that you won the DV lottery and someone asks for the money for processing. They demand money mostly through the western union. Do not send the money this is the true spam.

Another classical spam is that the bank manager might allure you to claim the unclaimed assets. This leads to the trouble in many cases. As this can be legitimate for some time in the developed country this is not applicable to our country. Some might offer you the vigorous discount while signing up the account. When you sign up the account they start to charge a higher price.

PayPal frauds and Scams

There is rife agency in Nepal who can activate the PayPal account and charge you for every transaction. These are mostly illegal firms handle by the Mafia.

Payoneer frauds and scams

Making a Payoneer account is free. But, if you are not vigilant and searching for someone to open the Payoneer account. You might get duped. There are gluts of firms around the Internet to charge you a huge sum of money simply for opening the account.

Payoneer card can be used to withdraw money from the ATM around Nepal with ease. Adding a local bank account to facilitate withdrawal is not available in Nepal as well as in India.

Travel Scams in Nepal

Travel and tourist scam and fraud are the most notorious scams in Nepal. There are lots of complaints from the tourist for being duped. Usually, the tourists are allured with a huge discount in the bar and get duped.

There is some evidence of adding the sedative to the unattended drinks in the bar and rubbery. Further, Some of the trained children are available on the street to beg for the milk.

Why it is important to educate the public on Internet scam

It is important to educate the public about the types of Internet frauds and scam available in the country. Proper education can help to newbies an expert to avoid the potential trap.

Paying for the online can be difficult for the beginners. Always ask the pay through the bank account or the PayPal account or any secure source. If you are dealing with someone who hires you to write an article on Facebook. If he agrees to pay you for around $5. Just ask $1 in advance to get started to write the article. Only submitting the half of the task before you receive full payment and when the payment is full then you can deliver the item.

Someone might ask to make the website. You should take special precaution on giving the password of the website. Do not give the password until you are fully paid. If you give the password while in advance you might not get paid. If you want to write or buy an article online buy from the cheapest site like the Fiverr. This can be safer from buying from Facebook.

Do not buy the items simply by looking at the number of reviews the items have got. There are lots of group on Facebook for review exchange for any marketplace like the Fiverr, Amazon, Freelance, Up work, and almost all. You can also make lots of money by reviewing the material posted on the website. A company normally charges around $1000 for 100 reviews. Reviewing has become a more lucrative profession for anyone who wants to review.

While accepting your work as virtual assistance make sure to do some bargain as this may raise your price. Do not work as the virtual assistant as writing reviews as this may jeopardize your account.

To increase the traffic to your site just makes more Facebook, Twitter, Instagram followers. You can increase the Facebook friend by simply sending the friend request. For twitters just follow the target person in the beginning. After then follow the own who follows you. This will automatically increase the number of followers if you have ten thousand targeted audiences in the friend and followers you can get good leads and sales. Remember not to post more than two ads per time. Excessive posting might lead to irritation to the friend and followers.

You need to believe in the Google spam filter. If Google automatically places something in the spam you need to take precaution by clicking the link on the site.


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