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Majestic Elaboration of Corruption In Nepal

Nepal is at the edge of economic transition. Economic growth of any country can achieve only by applying proper regulation policies for corruption. The inevitable fact, in Nepal, is that corruption is debasing politicians. People are losing the faith in politics mainly due to the Inability of politicians to control the corruption. Corruption if not corrected in the long run will ruin the country and our country will be insolvent like some failure states. So, corruption control policy should prioritize as most in the new constitution.

The conflict between various levels of government officials has become the almost buzz on Nepal mainstream news. It is much same full for the entire citizen to know that there is a conflict among the higher level officers for pecuniary.  It is not such news that is same full but the mental status of leaders that is much digressing. 

There has been a lot of corruption in the history. Every Leader of the country has become tyrannical and exploited country by applying various forms of governance. We are now in the present condition due to unchecked corruption in the past. It is due to our pensive past history that we are among the poorest country in the world. If we do not take immediate action against it we will be in the miserable condition in future. Because the way we spend our present represent how will be our past unless some miracle happens.

Corruption indirectly has lots of environmental effects. The level of pollution in Nepal major metropolitans is among the most serious. Our holy rivers in Kathmandu city do not support any fauna and flora. Air is seriously polluted and the major problem is a high level of fine particle that gets effetely deposited in the lungs. Our solid waste management system is totally tumultuous. One can smell a lot of noisome disorder well passing any part of Kathmandu city. There is huge noise pollution on the road. Noise pollution has both the chronic and acute effects. All this is the product of corruption.

As willingness of people to live in large cities are increasing our major city will definitely mushroom in the long run. If we do not have any roadmap for our urbanization we will be among the most inhuman settlement on the planet. Everyone knows our Metropolises firefighter has found digressing on the small fire. It is very difficult for them to control a small fire. But, the same metropolis is giving license to build 24 stairs apartment. What will happen when inferno hit such apartment? Who is giving the permit to build such humongous apartment? Everyone knows that it is due to bribe government officers.

Our present roads are totally wrapped by urban settlers in metropolitans. People with the political support has built home obstructing roads and a government cannot clear it. People have to spend hours in traffic due to the narrow passage on the road.  What a miserable condition.

It is difficult to find work done in time in any government official this is the inevitable truth. Corruption has totally rooted in the government system and is rife. These will ultimately affect the poor who have the compulsion to visit the government office to perform an official task. People in rural settings are such a poor that it is difficult for them to give extra money to do their work. Their work might dawdle for a sujerine period. If this practice is not checked prior the time might come when the government official will not work unless he gets a bribe. What a miserable condition.

Corruption has been everywhere in our country. We cannot find any government system that lacks corruption. Security personals especially cops are most bribing. We can see a bunch of traffic police asking money for long distance drivers on the main highway. These will ultimately enhance bad practice and will have the devastating effect on long runs.

A Political party is democratic, but their undemocratic practice is providing nourishment for the development of corruption. Political parties should declare every sensitive area as autonomous instead of making the entry point for their members. Only an autonomous body with the transparency in governance can have a positive effect on the rule of law and can decrease corruption.

Those countries who have economic prosperity in the present globe have first made the contribution to the anti-corruption activities in past by penalizing person or group involving in it. The Nepal mainstream politician needs to take immediate action to control rife corruption. Unless corruption is decreased it will be the daydream of having an economic prosperity or in another word it might be fantasy.


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