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5 Fun Facts About Natal Teeth

The teeth present at the time of birth are called the natal teeth. Various factors might trigger the growth of the natal teeth. It is estimated that the natal teeth occur in around one in two thousand to thirty thousand. The finding varies greatly among the researchers doing the specific research. Generally, the babies are born with one, two and three teeth on a lower jaw.  Normally, the teeth need to emerge in between four to seven months after the birth.

Natal teeth are generally present in the lower jaw and in some case required to remove out. If the teeth are not removed, this can cause a problem in breastfeeding, increase the chances of suffocation by inhaling it as well as injury in the tongue of the neonate.

This could be of great astonishing for parents who have no idea of it. Due to the uncommon nature of natal teeth occurrence of this can put the parents in the dilemma. Further, our primordial society called this as a bad omen. These necessitate the understanding of the natal teeth.

Expert advice to clean the natal teeth gently with the wet cloth. There is the need to examine the teeth to make sure it is not causing injury to the tongue.

There is the need to consult the medical profession if the natal tooth develops sore in the mouth especially tongue or any unusual syndrome.

Due to the indication of a bad omen for the occurrence of natal teeth parents around the world are always willing to remove the natal teeth. There is the need for an adequate education to the public about the natal teeth.

1. Difference Between Natal Teeth and Neonatal teeth

Natal teeth are the teeth present in the gum line at the time of birth. Neonatal teeth are the teeth emerging in the first month of the birth. Depending on the situation there might be the requirement to remove the natal teeth.

2. Natal Teeth Cause

A Majority of natal teeth causes is not related to the medical condition. Now a day due to the advancement of science and technology babies are born on hospital instead of home. Due to this natal teeth are exposed to doctors in the hospital. An Obstetrician can give the advice to the parents for the further steps.

Some of the cases of the natal teeth are related to the particular syndrome. This requires the adequate care and attention.

Ad hock study of the natal teeth around the globe occasionally point towards the malnutrition, Emotion trauma, Hormonal stimulation during pregnancy, as well as exposure to an environmental toxin during the pregnancy as the triggering factors for the natal teeth growth. 

3. Natal Teeth Superstition

Our primordial society uses to treat the child with the natal teeth as a demon. This is supported by the belief that this child can cause the grave problems in the society. So, the child with the natal teeth uses to be terminated.

Modern society also has the different belief in the natal teeth. Usually, a child born with the natal teeth are marked by super intelligent, killer nature, etc.

Due to the hype in the natal teeth, there has been some incidence of father removing the natal teeth on their own at home. These can put the child health at the risk and result in a medical emergency.
Despite any medical evidence, the medical practitioner is compelled to remove the natal teeth due to constant pressure from individual and society.

4. Natal Teeth Removal

If the teeth affect the breastfeeding and cause other upsets in the baby, it needs to be removed. Expert advises removing the natal teeth few months of birth as to avoid medical complication.
If the teeth are excessively mobile this increases the chance of inhalation and can potentially cause the suffocation. If the infant inhales the tooth and gets in the lungs, it can lead to the medical emergency.

If the infant swallows the teeth, it must pass within the seven days through the digestive tract. If it does not seem passing from seven days there is the urgent need to consult the physician.

The trained professional removes the natal teeth by analyzing the teeth by X-rays. If it is firmly attached it is generally not removed and the teeth need to adequate care to prevent infection.
Naturally, the infants get rid of the natal teeth without hindrance. Further, There is always not the requirement to remove the natal teeth.

5. Neonatal Teeth

These are the teeth erupted during the first month of the birth. Depending on the situation there is the need to remove as well as retain the teeth. If the removals of the teeth out weight the benefit, then it must be removed. Unnecessary attempting to remove the natal teeth can raise the complexion and can put the life of the child at risk.


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