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Majestic Information on Pesticide Residue in Food

Pesticide can simply be defined as the chemical used to kill the pest. Generally, pesticides are meant to target to interfere with the Nervous system of the Pests. Applying pesticides has become the vital part of food production. Due to pesticides resistance developed by the pests the quantity and quality of pesticide use have increased drastically.

Pesticides were accidentally discovered by Paul Muller in 1939. The long-known chemical the Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) was accidentally discovered as the potent pesticides. DDT was given the name magic chemical and was widely used in the control of malaria. Malaria is the disease transmitted by the mosquito and the DDT was used to kill the Mosquito. Before the invention of pesticide toxic chemical like Mercury, Lead, etc. was used as pesticides. Paul Muller was awarded Nobel Prize for this discovery.

After the discovery of DDT, its uses was in huge scale around the globe and has caused the massive contamination. The DDT was even spotted in the milk of the breastfeeding mother. After, the publication of the Silent Spring by Rachel Carson in 1962 people become aware of the unwanted consequence of pesticides.

Risk of Pesticide Residue

Pesticides are lipophilic by nature it means they are soluble in oil. This makes very difficult to get rid of them. Due to massive use of pesticides, it is creating many problems like a different disease in human beings. Due to the lipophilic nature pesticides get accumulated in the cell by dissolving in the cellular components. This accumulation process over the prolonged period of time is referred to as bioaccumulation. This can trigger the malfunction of the cell leading to the uncontrolled growth of cell often refers to as cancer. Further, pesticides residue interferes with the brain development of the fetus.

Biomagnification is the process of magnification of the pesticides in the food chain. Suppose the plankton contain less pesticide, the small fish, which consume plankton, has more pesticide and the larger fish which consume the smaller fish has higher pesticides in the body. The human being top consumer ingests the higher amount of pesticides while consuming large fish. Once the pesticides get inside the organism it is almost impossible to get rid of them.


This is the term used to denote the amount of time required to decompose half of the pesticides. Pesticides with the longer half-life stay in the atmosphere for prolonged period of time then pesticides with the shorter half-life. There is the strong need to use the pesticides with the shorter half-life.  

Pesticides Residue Analysis

Pesticides being lipophilic chemical is traditionally measured by using the gas chromatography. This is the relatively expensive process. Due to the lack of technical manpower and the high cost of operating the monitoring of the pesticides residue is worse in the developing countries.

For Safety

The government needs to educate the farmer on how and when to use the pesticides. Users of pesticides with the short half-life need to be encouraged. Monitoring the pesticide residue in food on the regular basis.

Individual need to consume less fruit and vegetable that have used the huge amount of pesticides. Intake of seasonal fruit and vegetable can be the best option as they have relatively low pesticides residue. Peeling the skin and Washing with the hot water can decrease the concentration of pesticides residue in the food.

It is advised not wash the fruits and vegetable with the shop or bleach as the fruits and vegetable have the minute pores to absorb them. This can cause more harm than benefit.


  1. Nice blog you have posted here regarding the use of pesticides. As, we know excessive of everything is harmful, so it is better to gain proper knowledge before using it or you can hire your near by pest control company.


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