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Information On Tourist Guide to Nepal

Tourism is the act of amusement and is the vital part of modern society. This is the natural form of refreshment people have been using a long time before. Due to the rise of tourist traffic across the globe. The small mountainous country also wants to attract the number of visitors willing to venture into the country. There are lots of tourist guide, Nepal book some are obsolete due to massive destruction of tourist spots due to April 2015 earthquake.

Nepal can be traveled without the guide. Trekking in Nepal can be done on a budget. There are many agencies groveling around to provide advice on trekking in Nepal. Different seasons are considered favorable for tourist in Nepal. Due to the huge elevation, the difference there is the drastic change in climate even in the small distance. Trekking for the beginners needs to have the adequate understanding of several aspects including the behavior of local people.

Mt Everest is the highest peak in the world is most sought by trekkers around the globe for trekking. There is a difference between trekking and summiting Mount Everest. Trekking Mount Everest to the base camp does not require much money, but climbing mount Everest requires more than 100k if you hide some westerners tour guide. Gluts of travel agents around the world are using their own ways of attracting the customer. There are movies, the documentary on the description of Mount Everest.

Every enthusiastic mountain climber has a dream of conquering Everest. Anyone need to understand the climate of the place before visiting. Due to technological advancement, whether of climate can monitor online from every part of the world. Climbers often experience extraterrestrial experience at night in the Everest. Anyone lucky enough can glance the elusive Himalaya primate Yeti. Due to massive traffic received by the Everest.

The pollution, especially the solid waste pollution has increased drastically. Therefore, Nepal government is compiled on making plans to discourage venturing off the group. It has highlighted the plan to support individual trekkers. Submitting Everest only cost 11k for its permit. Anyone wishing to venture Mt. Everest alone can be benefited from the government scheme. Above 8,000meters above sea level is called the dead zone. This is the zone marked by the decrease in the level of oxygen. So, staying in this region for a prolonged period can take the life of the person.

There are more than 200 dead bodies of a person lying in the peak of the dead mountaineer. The Chinese side has recently cleared the dead mountaineers but due to technical difficulty, Nepali side has not removed dead bodies. So, I personally advise anyone wishing to Summit Mount Everest to take precaution before ascending it. It is commonly believed that Everest climbers are expert in climbing.

However, the reality is that ninety percent of climbers do not have any experience on climbing. They rely on the guide for all the activities to conquer the Everest. Mt. Everest country Nepal welcomes everyone wishing to step in Mount Everest from the heart.

Nepal is a landlocked country that lies between two giant nation China and India. More than eighty percent of the country is covered by hills, mountain, and the Himalayas. Nepal has a long history of the tumultuous political situation despite being one of the most soughed destinies by tourist. The term Nepal used only to coin the Kathmandu valley before the unification of the country. Nepal lies in the sandwich between two tectonic plates the Indian plate and the Eurasian plate. Indian plate is constantly moving upward is checked by the stable Eurasian plate on the northern side. Due to this reason Nepal, experience the large earthquake with the recurring time of around seventy years.

Elevation ranges from 71 meters above sea level to 8,848 meters above sea level, which produce the microcosm of climate. Due to this huge climatic variation, it hosts a huge variety of Flora and fauna Vaz. Plants and animals. Some Plants and animals found here is a unique one, which is of vital importance for the global community. For those who are interested in biodiversity research can have lots of outcomes by visiting Nepal. Due to a large number of microclimatic patches, this can be the best place for anyone keen interest in the Natural Science.

Nepal host eight-highest Mountain greater than 8,000 meters above sea level. Some are of the particular type and have innate significance. Swan of tourists flocks to step on this mountain peak. Recently the Nepal government has made plans to discourage the tourist traffic on fragile ecosystems. As waste generated by tourist is causing harm to the fragile ecosystems. If you want to travel alone, then Nepal is a paradise for you, as the government is making plain to promote individual tourism.

Nepal hosts four world heritage site. Among them, two are of cultural and other two are natural. Kathmandu and Lumbini are included in the cultural site. Sagarmatha national park and Chitwan National park are included in the natural site. This further signifies the need for anyone visit. Kathmandu is the city of temple and monuments dated back a long time. Lumbini is the birthplace of the Lord Gautama Buddha. Chitwan national park host one of the world's most endangered species the one-horned rhinoceros, Bengal tiger, spotted hyena and other game species. The Sagarmatha national park hosts the world's highest mountain the Mount Everest.

The Kathmandu valley was once a lake and now the fertile land is covered by the modern construction. This place is lush with the traditional temple and monument. It is rife with statues along the street. Anyone interested in the old civilization study can visit Nepal. This is also known as the gateway of Nepal as Nepal only one international airport is located in Kathmandu valley. Kathmandu valley having small area host more than 5 million population. The majority of Nepal infrastructure, luxury hotels are centralized in the Kathmandu valley. Kathmandu valley enjoys the salubrious environment this might be the reason for its densely populated population. There are helping desk for providing advice to trekking and other activities almost in all touristic places in Kathmandu.

Pokhara valley is one of the most attractive places in Nepal. It is also called the city of the lakes and pond. Lakes especially Phewa lake spellbound the tourist. Anyone who is interested in boating and other activities can savor the majestic beauty. The reflection of the charismatic beauty of a snow-capped mountain on the lake seems spectacular. Anyone interested in Paragliding is also welcome from the heart. Pokhara is the most sought place by tourist due to its majestic beauty. Due to the huge number of traffic received by Pokhara, it has also lots of infrastructures to support tourist traffic.

If you are wildlife enthusiast and willing to see the endangered species like one-horned rhinoceros, Bengal tiger, Snow leopard, elephant, wild water buffalo.  Despite opposed by the animal right activates people are still using the traditional practice of elephant back view of wildlife. You can have an elephant ride in the national park. Riding elephant back to view wildlife is not considered good by modern society.  Nepal wildlife is elusive than that of Africa. Therefore, relying on the techniques applied in Africa to watch wildlife might not work in Nepal.

If you want to travel alone in the wild place, you can visit the remote national park. There are many hidden treasure hidings for the glimpse of anyone willing to visit. Further, Nepali people being one of the poorest people in the world are renowned for hospitality. The majority of people around the eighty percent of the population follow the Hindu religion. Therefore, anyone visiting need to know the basic of society on which one needs to visit. Hindu regard cow as one of the holy animals and once in the year they worship cow with great enthusiasm. Wearing shoes inside the temple is considered bad. Similarly, wearing a leather belt, jacket especially in religious occasion is not considered best practice.


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