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Majestic Yoga Poses for Beginners

Before doing yoga one needs to understand what is actually is. Yoga is the path of salvation, which has been practiced by the ancient Hindu Babas before the time immortal. Later, Patanjali makes the written description of the yoga on the Book a long time ago. Modern yoga is based on the collection of the Patanjali. The power yoga practicing in the western world is the modified version of the ancient yoga. Due to huge benefits to human civilization, yoga day is celebrated on June 21 every year around the globe. Alexander while invading south Asia has noticed various yogis practicing different poses.

For practicing traditional yoga one needs to complete abstinence from the alcohol and follow the vegetarian lifestyle not vegan. Consuming cow milk is considered good for health by yogis. Heavy consumption of food is not suitable for someone practicing yoga. One needs to do yoga on an empty stomach in order the truly reap the benefit from the yoga. Consuming too salt, garlic or the food that produces excessive heat in the body needs to be avoided if not possibly consume in moderation.
Sattvic food is the food widely used by the yogi to enhance the human health. This food is easily digestible food and can be consumed by any age group. Traditionally, meat and alcohol do not fall into this class.

There is various yoga poses for curing different ailments in the human body. Due to activation of the internal organ, there seems beneficial to mind and body. Yoga poses can be used to cure disease like diabetes some yoga poses for diabetes are Dhanurasana, Gomukhasana, Halasana and many others. For back pain, Akma Dhanurasana, Anjaneyasana, Ardha navasana are the most potent yoga poses. Similarly, there are many asanas for many diseases.

Yoga can be done in many places, as there is no hard and fast rule for where to perform the yoga. One can do it in the park, home, bank of the river, or any place that suits. To perform yoga in the home one needs to assure proper ventilation. This will enable the adequate diffusion of the oxygen, resulting in the profound beneficial effect. There is also the need to analyze the asbestos level and the level of radiation in the room before practicing yoga. Yoga done on the polluted air will produce a negative effect on the mind and body.

Also, Closed room with lots of light burning inside needs to avoid the yoga. Everyone knows that incomplete burning gives the carbon monoxide gas the potential danger to human health. Carbon monoxide gas binds to the iron in the blood and oxygen get unable to transfer to the body resulting in suffocation and slow death. So, this needs to be taken with some seriousness.

Clothing during the yoga exercise is of prime importance. One needs to adjust adequate clothing while performing yoga. There are gluts of yoga pants out there that makes comfortable while performing yoga. Yoga is mostly done by the male at the ancient time, so there is not any book to guide about the cloth to be worn by the female practitioner.

Practicing yoga after strenuous exercise is like drinking alcohol after the heavy exercise. As drinking alcohol after heavy exercise results in the instant death in some case. At least half an hour between strenuous exercise and yoga needs to be done. The heartbeat must be in the normal stage before performing yoga. This needs to be taken with great caution.

The breathing pattern is vital during the yoga. This should be learned with caution as it is a vital part of yoga. Breathing pattern activates the lymph node so that toxic substance gets excreted through the body with ease. Any toxic substance locked in the cell get excreted from the body. The person performing the yoga as daily ritual needs to take the breathing pattern most seriously.

There is some caution needed for performing yoga. Such as yoga should not be performed by the person with the certain injury. Some asana should not be done for particular diseases. Doing asana without knowing the benefit and drawbacks will cause more harm than good. So, adequate knowledge is essential before performing yoga by the one who is suffering from a particular disease.

No one should force the body to do particular asana. If one feels uncomfortable while performing asana. He or she should try another asana instead of force the body. This might lead to the injury. There are beginners as well as expert poses in the yoga. Novice person needs to practice the beginner’s pose of the yoga and later practice the advanced yoga posture. Doing the advanced yoga posture, in the beginning, can cause more harm than good for the performer.

Yoga teacher training courses are buzzing in today’s market.  One needs to take the serious consideration while spending the hard earned money in this business. Unless anyone practices yoga with diligent attention and make the body flexible. It is very difficult to make the living on it. Yes, some firm can hire you as a yoga teacher. Guess what you will be underpaid than average business around. This will be ulcerative for you as well as the future financial goal.

A Yoga holiday is gaining immense popularity in the modern age due to its lucid way to perform it. Due to the production of sound mind by simple techniques, it is gaining the immense popularity. A Lot of people around the globe are lured by the companies around the globe for spending the time on a yoga holiday. Due to the absence of regulatory mechanism on the yoga. Yoga teacher is mere with a few hours of practices. This can lead to pitfall especially person with some kind of chronic diseases.

Yoga clearly was discovered by the yogis for the path of salvation. Yogis use to practice the yoga in order to attend the beatitude. Yoga almost uses to spend their entire lifespan, practicing the asana. Each individual asana was the precious gift of the ancient yogi to human.

 Yoga is being misused in the western world. The practice of doing yoga while drinking has been gaining popularity. The yoga centers are changing into the brothel. If this practice is not checked in time. The resulting negative consequences will not produce any beneficial result to human society on which we are thriving.

There are lots of books and videos for teaching yoga in a practical way. People are uploading hundred and thousands of videos per day in the name of yoga. Yes, there are some majestic videos that give the true insight of the yoga. But some are of countless value as they might misguide anyone, which can result in diminishing the yoga.

Anyone who likes to invest in the tourism can invest in the yoga camp. This will produce the marvelous result in the long run. Due to the immense popularity of yoga gaining day by, this seems more lucrative than any others tourism-related business in the future. Due to the low expense and high-profit people are getting attracted towards it.

Now a day the yoga songs are gaining immense popularity. Advertisements of the free download of the yoga clips are rife on the Internet. This yoga song basically mimics the natural sound such as the sonorous sound of pine forest. Water falling from the waterfalls, crying of a particular bird. Any sound that mimics the sound in nature will work. Someone might get interested in doing yoga in the forest this can be benefited by the sound in the forest. Anyone interested in doing yoga near the waterfall can simulate is by playing the sound of the waterfall in the room.

Yoga does not differentiate race, ethnicity, and culture. Anyone, anywhere in the world can practice yoga. People of any age group can practice the yoga. There is a yoga asana for the kids and pregnant women.


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