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What is Jet Packs: Science Fiction or Reality

From the beginning of the time, the human is always fascinated by the flight of the bird.  Several curious investors around the globe have invested the significant amount of time in their life to unveil the mechanism under the flight. Let; take an example of Leo Nardo Da Vinci who has tried to make the design of flying machine long time back.

Jet Pack has been around for a long time back. They are popular in films, comic story, video games and many others. Anyone have the question in the mind whether the jetpack is real or is science fiction. Jetpack is often worn in the back and can propel by the fuel attach to it. Jetpacks are for single person operation.  


The first jetpack was invented by the Russian inventor in the year 1919. After more than a century, there is no popular commercial version of the jetpack available.  Justin Capra’s an inventor from Romania claims the invention of the Jet Pack in 1956 (1).  Due to immense popularity around the globe, the efficient commercial version might be available soon.


Human bodies are not designed for flight. This is the prime hurdle for the flight and stability of the jetpack. Massive heats producing during propulsion necessitate the special suit (2). A various investigation by the commercial technology companies reveals that Jetpack technology to be inefficient primarily due to high fuel consumption. Due to this research and development is centralized around the enthusiastic individual. Despite the huge popularity the advancement of the jetpack has not occurred.

Fly Board

Fly Board is one type of water jetpack or hoverboard. Fly board was invented by Franky Zapata in 2011. Propulsion is carried out with the help of water. It is gaining immense popularity in the recreation industry. Due to this hundred of thousand of hydro jet rental location is available around the globe.


The astronauts often use jetpacks to maneuver in outer space. As less gravitation pulls in the outer space enables the efficient function of the jetpacks. Military uses the jetpack in the public show. Jetpack has particular application in the Military primarily to access the inaccessible place.

Is Jet Pack Available Commercially?

Yes, they are available but are expensive and requires sports license to operate.


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